Revitalizing Downtown Norwich since 1986

History of B.I.D.

In contrast to the sad state of many downtowns in small, rural communities, downtown Norwich has always been and continues to be, an attractive and vibrant destination.

The Norwich Business Improvement District was established in 1986 pursuant to Article 2-B of the General City Law. The BID essentially functions as a private sector organization, which enhances the safety, cleanliness, image and competitiveness of the downtown district.

Throughout its 35+ years of existence, the BID has been involved with and implemented various projects and improvements within the District including the creation of a parking lot, various parking improvements, Streetscape enhancements and the implementation of various grant opportunities.

For downtown Norwich to reach its full potential, there must be a management vehicle that allows downtown's key constituents and government officials to plan and work together. The BID looks to continue to foster this partnership in the future, while at the same time seeking to retain and recognize the downtown's architectural and historic character as we move ahead.